About Cbreeze

"O Lord, how many are your works. In wisdom you have created them all; the earth is full of your creatures." Psalm 104:24

This bible verse expresses my belief that there is a God who created all living creatures.
I started in 1965 as a Navy photographer on submarines. Duties included periscope, public relations, and teaching photography.
After the service, I continued underwater photography 30 more years. I also noticed the increasing destruction of the habitats. Soon, the marshes, bayous, swamps and wildlife from Texas to Florida became my inspiration.
I support several environmental and wildlife organizations, but favor the Coastal Conservation Association and Duck's Unlimited. Note: 50% of all sale profits goes to these organizations
I sincerely hope you enjoy your "Journey Through God's Creation" and maybe find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ along the way.
Please feel free to contact me at louisianacbreeze@gmail.com

Just scroll down and enjoy!

Thank you,
Al "Cbreeze" Calabrese Jr., Photographer